Corewise Recirculation Tank

Corewise Automatic Recirculation Tank


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Product Description

Recommended as an add-on to your Corewise Automatic Core Saw for constant water supply that will prolong the life of your Corewise. Once installed and the tank is filled with water, plug one end of the hose to the pump and the other end to the connector piece on the blade hood and then start the pump.


  • Constructed from powder-coated aluminum for durability
  • Fitted exactly for Corewise and ready for immediate use


  • Has a maximum capacity of 200L
  • 3-stage setting tanks
  • 240v submersible pump with float switch, filter mesh basket, lid and hose with fittings


Product ImageProduct CodeProduct Variant
Corewise Recirculation TankDYNOATNKCorewise Automatic Recirculation Tank, incl Pump Get Quote

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