The Corewise Difference

The Corewise Automatic Core Saw is an improvement over the older model in efficiency, maintenance, and operator safety. Nothing else comes close.

Exceptional performance, unparalleled OHS

The Corewise Automatic Core Saw holds the distinction of having no accidents or injuries reported, while driving maximum productivity in cutting core like no core saw has ever done before.

Core Cutting Guide in Corewise Auto Core Saw

Increase core cutting by up to 100%.

The older model used a pusher kind of feed that worked okay, but operators found that if they missed the pusher, they had to wait for the next come-around. The Corewise difference is that it solved this by implementing a continuous chain feed so operators can place the core guide anywhere on the chain – instantly, and no wait time.

Protect your employees better.

The Corewise Automatic Core Saw has a proximity sensor that automatically cuts the power when the blade housing is lifted, and the saw is also fitted with dynamic braking to ensure the blade stops immediately. The adjustable anti-vibration feet adds to operator comfort.

Core Guide in Corewise Auto Core Saw

Minimise downtime through in-house maintenance.

Ensure high performance from your Corewise Automatic Core Saw through regular greasing which you can easily perform on-site, thanks to its external grease points. The chain drive is also changeable by a trained personnel, which is an immense improvement over shipping back the entire saw and not having it for weeks on end.

Trusted by the world’s top geos & fieldies

Miners & Explorers Using the Corewise Automatic Core Saw

Add-ons & Accessories

Complete your core logging set-up with these tried and tested equipment and tools.

Discoverer Core Cutting Blades

Core Blades

Discoverer Core Guides

Core Guides

Core Cutting Facility

Discoverer Auto SG Weighing Station

SG Weighing Station

Corewise Recirculation Tank

Recirculation Tank

Spare Parts

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