The World’s Safest & Most Advanced Automatic Core Saw

Leveraging the latest technology and craftsmanship that made the Almonte Core Saw possible, inventor Frank Frisina listened to operator feedback and created the upgraded Corewise Automatic Core Saw in 2006.


A Major Upgrade...

Designed by Almonte Automatic Core Saw inventor Frank Frisina, the Corewise Automatic Core Saw has been fitted with upgrades to maximize core cutting productivity, while keeping operators safe from injuries and accidents.

Corewise Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensor automatically cuts the power when the blade housing is lifted

Corewise Automatic Core Saw Anti-Jam

The only core saw that has an anti-jam feature to lessen lost time frustrations

Corewise Automatic Core Saw LCD Screen

An LCD control panel recommends feed speed for different levels of hardness of core

Control buttons are now placed above the saw and away from the wet areas, making them less prone to damage

Corewise Automatic Core Saw Chain System

Continuous chain system allows operator to instanty feed core without wait time

Now with Direct Drive – Safer, Faster, More Reliable

The motor is now directly connected to the blade through a shaft. This direct mechanical connection eliminates many of the torque losses associated with the previous v-belt drive.

Cutting speed is faster by as much as 30%. The direct drive system has fewer components prone to energy losses, like belts and pulleys, that introduce friction and reduce overall efficiency.

Little to no silica mist, thanks to the new mist guard. Your operator can breathe better knowing there’s reduced back spray coming from the blade. No belts slipping against pulleys also means quieter core cutting.

There are no belts to replace, so this improved Corewise is cheaper to run. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance, leading to lower operational costs, less downtime, and more working hours.

Global network of trusted partners

There’s always a Corewise near you. Thanks to Dynamics’ wide network of reliable partners all over the world, even a big and mean machine such as the Corewise Automatic Core Saw and its accessories can be delivered straight to your site within days, maybe even hours!

Male Geologist

Safe to use, simple to operate

“I’ve been using the Corewise Automatic Core Saw for over 10 years and I’ve got nothing but praise for it. Not only is it a very reliable piece of equipment, but it is also extremely safe to use.

I’ve found that I can cut large amounts of core in a relatively short space of time and it is very simple to operate. I would have no problem recommending it to anyone.”

Nick Manoel, Geological Technician at Perilya

Drill Core for Cutting on the Corewise Automatic Core Saw

Suitable for All Drill Core Sizes

The Corewise Automatic Core Saw’s 110mm core feed channel ensures the core guide will not ride up while operating, versus the traditional machines that have a narrower 90mm gully. Its gully size also makes it the only core saw in the world that can take PQ core guides, along with BQ, HQ and NQ.

Stable and Safe Operating Environment

With adjustable anti-vibration feet, the core will always be level no matter the operation ground surface. The Corewise Automatic Core Saw has a current track record of having no LTI or LTA ever reported.

World-class customer support for a world-class product

Have the peace of mind that you have the winning duo of Dynamics G-Ex and Corewise Pty Ltd to fulfill your core cutting and after-sales needs.

Global Support Network

Get support via phone, chat, and free step-by-step guides that help you solve technical issues with your Corewise Automatic Core Saw yourself.

On-call maintenance

Whilst the Corewise is made for easy maintenance, you can contact Dynamics for repairs that are beyond your capacity.

12-month warranty

The unconditional warranty gives you the flexibility of choice to use your preferred core blades and core guides with no consequences.

Automatic Core Saw Buyer’s Guide

Still not sure what Automatic Core Saw is right for you? Get the information you need to help with your purchase decision.

Which one is best for you?

They might be made by the same creator, and resemble each other in size and shape, but is that where the similarities end? Find out more about these Australian-made automatic core saws that are being used the world over and what their differences are.

Add-ons & Accessories

Complete your core logging set-up with these tried and tested equipment and tools.

Discoverer Core Cutting Blades

Core Blades

Discoverer Core Guides

Core Guides

Core Cutting Facility

Discoverer Auto SG Weighing Station

SG Weighing Station

Spare Parts

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