Discoverer® Automatic Core Cutting Facility


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Product Description

Protect your core shed employees from the dust and noise of your automatic core saw with this enclosed and comfortable space made especially for core cutting.


  • Fully insulated and air-conditioned
  • Perfect for setting up right beside the core shed. Feed core trays through the opening in one end straight from the core shed feed line, cut the core, and then let the trays go back out the rear end.
  • Portable and safe to manoeuvre around from one project to the next
  • Customisable. For instance, we’ve had requests for acoustic paneling to reduce the acoustic fatigue of the operator. Let us know what you need and we’d be happy to accommodate.

Standard Inclusions

  • Corewise Automatic Core Saw
  • Corewise Water Recirculation Tank
  • Roller Racking – Entry Racks in the door and Exit Racks out the rear
  • Split System Air Conditioner
  • Internal Lighting
  • Anti Fatigue Matting
  • Personnel Door in Side of Container
  • 3 Phase Power Sockets
  • PVC Air Curtains


Product ImageProduct CodeProduct Variant
addons-thumb-core-cutting-facility-coresaw-rollerDYNOCON+Discoverer®️ Air-Conditioned Automatic Core Cutting Container Facility, includes Corewise Saw and Roller Racking Get Quote
addons-thumb-core-cutting-facility-rollerDYNOCONRDiscoverer®️ Air-Conditioned Automatic Core Cutting Container Facility, includes Roller Racking Get Quote
addons-thumb-core-cutting-facility-unit-onlyDYNOCONDiscoverer®️ Air-Conditioned Automatic Core Cutting Container Facility, unit only Get Quote

Add-ons & Accessories

Complete your core logging set-up with these tried and tested equipment and tools.

Discoverer Core Cutting Blades

Core Blades

Discoverer Core Guides

Core Guides

Discoverer Auto SG Weighing Station

SG Weighing Station

Corewise Recirculation Tank

Recirculation Tank

Spare Parts

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