Discoverer Auto SG Weighing Station

Discoverer® Automatic Specific Gravity Weighing (SG) Station


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Product Description

The quickest and easiest way to measure bulk density in core. Ideal for projects that work with high volumes of core.


  • The scales guarantee up to 4 decimal points
  • Reservoir and pump keep water level constant to give accurate results
  • The entire unit is made from stainless steel to ensure longevity
  • Easy to maintain. Keep the unit in a dust-free area and apply light oil to the weighing table when needed.
  • The standard Auto SG Weighing Station unit comes with a shelf, but an additional shelf can be supplied upon request if you’d like a working bench top on either side of the weighing station.


  • Weighing Scales CBK 16 with 16kg capacity x 0.5g readability
  • Pan Size: 225 x 275 mm
  • Unit comes with a stainless steel weighing station, stainless steel shelf, power board for operating scales, water pump and actuator


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Discoverer Auto SG Weighing StationAUTOSGDiscoverer® Automatic Specific Gravity Weighing (SG) Station Get Quote

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