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The patented Corewise Automatic Core Saw — the safest and most advanced core cutting machine — now comes with the innovative Direct Drive. Faster, safer, more reliable. 

Direct Drive

In a direct drive system, the motor is directly connected to the core saw’s blade through a coupling or shaft. This direct mechanical connection eliminates many of the torque losses associated with v-belt drives, which Corewise previously used.

  • More torque — 30% faster cutting speed; no loss of power
  • Safer to operate — Reduced back spray from the blade; the new mist guard gives off little to no silica mist; quieter than other core saws
  • More efficient and more reliable — cheaper to run and maintain since there are no belts to replace; no downtime for maintenance means continuous working hours

Other Advantages

  • The only saw that won’t jam in forward or reverse mode, with an easy pull-back of the core guide no matter how far it has gone back on the gully
  • The only saw that can cut PQ sized core, on top of BQ, NQ and HQ
  • Saw is fitted with dynamic braking for safety
  • LCD screen monitors both motors while operating, and advise correct feed speed depending on hardness of core
  • Continuous chain feed system allows for feeding core instantly
  • New 110mm gully ensures core guide will not ride up while operating
  • Constructed from galvanised and stainless steel
  • Has external grease points fitted for easy in-house maintenance


  • Single Phase Core Saw: 2.2kw. Designed for exploration programs that deal with smaller amounts of core.
  • 3-Phase Core Saw: More powerful at 7.5kw. Cuts 5-6 times faster than the Single Phase Saw.


  • Power Supply. The Corewise Automatic Core Saw can be fitted with various hardware to ensure compatibility with most power supplies. If using the saw remotely, a 20KVA generator will run the 3-phase saw, which comes with a 3m power lead and a 20 amp, 4 pin, 3-phase plug.
  • Spare Parts. A full range of spare parts are available ex-stock to minimize downtime and get you up and running as fast as possible.
  • Warranty. The Corewise Automatic Core Saw is backed by a 12-month warranty that covers the motor, gearbox and components. Blades and chains are not covered.


Product ImageProduct CodeProduct Variant
P1010855 copyDYNOAUTOCorewise Automatic 415volt, 3 Phase Core Saw Get Quote
Recirculation TankDYNOAUTOSCorewise Single Phase Automatic Core Saw Get Quote
Corewise Recirculation TankDYNOATNKCorewise Automatic Recirculation Tank, incl Pump Get Quote

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