Corewise Spare Parts

Keep your Corewise Automatic Core Saw in tip-top condition – use only official Corewise spare parts.

Blade Drive Belt 3 Phase Auto Saw V-Belt

Core Blade Alignment Guide

Duplex Pulley with Laper Lock

Emergency Stop Button

Forward, Reverse Switch

Green Start Button

Rear Drive Assembly 3 Phase Auto Saw

Rear Drive Assembly 3 Phase Auto Saw

Red Stop Button

Spare Chain 3-Phase Automatic Core Saw

Yellow Reset Button

Add-ons & Accessories

Complete your core logging set-up with these tried and tested equipment and tools.

Discoverer Core Cutting Blades

Core Blades

Discoverer Core Guides

Core Guides

Core Cutting Facility

Discoverer Auto SG Weighing Station

SG Weighing Station

Corewise Recirculation Tank

Recirculation Tank

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